Keep it Simple: 20 Four-Ingredient Cocktails To Make At Home


We've seen a lot of Negroni variations over the years, but Gramercy Tavern's Apropos is an especially delicious one, made with fruity Aperol, a little herbal Yellow Chartreuse, and lime to dry it out a bit.

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[Photo: Alice Gao]

Once you have the stuff to make any of the 20 three-ingredient cocktails we shared last week, you're probably well stocked enough to go a little further. These 20 four-ingredient cocktails still don't require crazy syrups or infusions, just one more bottle or piece of fruit—if you have bitters and limes at home, you might already be ready to start mixing like a pro.

Of course there are many, many more simple cocktails in the world, but these are 20 of our favorites, including a few classics and a few variations on historical drinks, plus fun cocktail recipes from bars and restaurants we love.

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