Meet Bodeguita Romero's Pringa, the Bite-Size Porky Sandwich of Southern Spain


For the uninitiated traveler, finding the best of what Spain's tapas bars have to offer takes some doing. Not so at Seville's popular Bodeguita Romero, where everyone knows you get the Pringa (€2.50).

A short walk from popular tourist sights (the city's cathedral and Alcazar palace) and local districts (a host of small shops and the massive El Corte Ingles are nearby), the tapas bar draws a steady crowd come evening. Their specialty is a specific type of bite-size sandwich (genus: montadito) called the pringa, which is more or less the carnitas of southern Spain.

Fatty pork is stewed until fall-apart tender, then cooked in fat until it's crisp around the edges. Gloriously juicy, meaty, and rich, it'd be at home on any corn tortilla, but here it's served in a crackly-crusted toasted bun on top of a swipe of cool, funky morcilla. In its own crazy way, the blood sausage cuts the pork's richness, and once you understand how, you come to realize that this is the perfect bar food.

To round out your pork grenade, Bodeguita Romero offers credible versions of the classic espinacas con garbanozos (spinach with chickpeas) and a braise of asparagus cooked until soupy, then topped with an egg. They're green enough to lighten up your meal but salty enough to make you reach for another beer.