Serious Entertaining: Mad Men Season Premiere Party

Carrie Vasios

After a long, painful wait, it's finally happening. I have my cocktail shaker on standby, my cherry apron around my waist, and a Pandora station dedicated to the Supremes. That's right, this Saturday, just a few short days away, Mad Men will make its season 5 premiere.

My life has felt plain and decidedly less suave without Don Draper to teach me in the ways of cool. Without Betty to lead through bad example, my house-wifely duties have been falling to pieces. There was no Joan to set me straight. No Peggy to remind me that I should be happy I have a job at all.

To celebrate the return of the whole boozy crew, I'm inviting friends over, making a few throwback dishes and a ton of classic cocktails. I think Sterling would suggest you do the same.

New Ambrosia Salad


Ok, so this salad is only distantly related to the true ambrosia salad, which was a terrifying mix of canned Mandarin oranges, pineapple, mini marshmallows, coconut, and whipped cream. But the inspiration is there: citrus fruit with a creamy dressing and a sprinkle of coconut for garnish. The trick here is using cucumber and celery for crunch and plenty of lime juice in the dressing. The result is surprisingly refreshing and light.

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Individual Meatloaves


I imagine that this entrée was popular in the 1960s because it was a breeze for frenzied housewives to make. You just assemble what is essentially a very large meatball, brush it with some ketchup or layer it with bacon, and pop it in the oven. Voilà: a hearty, delicious meal. Sure, bad meatloaf can be dry or one-note, but these individual servings use a combination of pork, beef, vegetables, and rosemary to stay flavorful and exciting.

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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Another invention that Betty would have loved? Canned pineapple. (How exotic and convenient!) For this modern take, I use fresh fruit, but that gooey, caramelized, layered top and vanilla-scented cake bottom will be recognizable to any one from the Greatest Generation.

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Jennifer Hess

No Mad Men party would be right without a full bar. Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and Martinis (for a crowd) are my three classic cocktails of choice.

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