Introducing the Serious Eats X Tilit Apron

Stylish and functional—with a secret cheat sheet for home cooks.


Our team has loved Tilit's well-made aprons for a very long time, and, more recently, we discovered they make wonderful face masks, too. So when we decided it was time to design a custom Serious Eats apron, Tilit was a natural first choice. To make sure the apron would be as functional as it was good-looking, Daniel Gritzer and Sasha Marx took a trip to the Tilit office. Using their combined experience, they worked with the Tilit team to create an apron that provides home cooks with lots of utility. The flair is just an added bonus.

Tilit Serious Eats Custom Apron

Since their launch, these aprons have sold out twice—and now we're back with more, in even more shapes and sizes! In addition to our first custom apron, we're excited to introduce the women's wrap apron, which offers more coverage up top and nice, long straps. We're also launching a custom set of butcher coats. If you've been paying close attention, you'll know that Daniel has been sporting a Tilit butcher coat for years. While the original design was discontinued, Tilit brought it back just for our readers—with our custom colors and specs.

Daniel's Take on Butcher Coat

"I appreciate a good apron as much as the next person, but I'll be honest: It just doesn't offer complete protection. That's even more of a problem for the home cook, who's likely not dressed in professional cooking clothes that are designed to handle grease stains and tomato sauce splatter. This butcher coat has been my absolute favorite solution to cooking in street clothes. It gives you complete coverage over the entire shoulder and arm area, and is long enough to protect your pants almost down to your knees. This is what I reach for when I get home from work and step into the kitchen. It's also what I always put on when I'm cooking in my regular clothes at work. I have yet to ruin anything I'm wearing underneath. Bonus points: Plenty of spacious pocket real estate for cell phones, thermometers, notebooks, and more, and, at least to my eye, it's stylish, like a sports coat for the kitchen."

All the Details According to Sasha

"I fell in love with, and started wearing, Tilit aprons and work shirts back when I was cooking in restaurant kitchens. Everything they make is high quality, super comfortable, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, very functional in the kitchen. This apron speaks to the shared ethos of Serious Eats and Tilit: no unnecessary bells and whistles, just some useful, well-considered design choices.

"First and foremost, I don’t really get the draw of white or light-colored aprons—unless you’re a full-time baker who's covered in flour all day—so it was important to choose a base color that could take a sauce splatter or two without making you look like you’re doing Dexter cosplay. Aprons are meant to be stained! Next, we wanted a dual chest pocket that had one compartment that could easily fit a Sharpie and a pen (I’m always labeling mise en place, testing projects, and leftovers, or jotting down notes for recipe development), and a second slightly larger compartment that could fit a kitchen timer or Thermapen.

"Daniel had the idea of adding a little cheat sheet for target internal temps for proteins, and the team at Tilit thought to stitch that onto the inside of the fabric, so it’s not visible to anyone until the moment you need to remember what temp chicken breast should be cooked to. Finally, I am not a fan of in-your-face branding, so we asked Tilit to come up with a discreet SE logo to stitch onto the hip of the apron. If you rock side towels around your waist like I do, the logo probably won’t ever be visible. But the color detailing on the pockets, waist, and neck straps are all ones our readers should be familiar with from the site. I’m so happy with how these turned out, and have loved cooking with the prototype we were sent earlier this spring."

Pick up an apron of your own right here. (Did we mention it'd make an excellent holiday gift?)

Tilit Serious Eats Custom Apron