Scooped: Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Samoas

Max Falkowitz

Another year, another opportunity to have fun with Girl Scout cookies. Last March saw the debut of Everyone's Favorite Girl Scout Cookie in ice cream form: Chocolate Thin Mint. This year I've tackled Not Quite Everyone's Second Favorite cookie: the Samoa. With dulce de leche. In ice cream form.

I've always thought the caramel in Samoas was more like dulce de leche than proper caramel. It has a milky creamines to it that caramel doesn't quite reach, so in this ice cream the cookies are studding a rich and salty dulce de leche base.

You can make your own dulce de leche, but the canned stuff works pretty well. And if you want something more savory, use goat's milk dulce de leche (commonly called cajeta) instead. You can find it near the cow's milk version in Latin American markets, and its slightly barnyardy complexity adds welcome interest to this sweet ice cream.