Savory Mortadella, Garlic, and Caper Puff-Pastry Waffle


We've been going crazy with puff-pastry waffles this week, and today's waffle is no less nuts.

It started as a simple garlic-bread flavor, but when I was out shopping, I kept thinking of new things to add. First, This sure would be tastier with parsley mixed in. Then, This sure would be better if I also added some capers. Finally, This really would be boss if I threw some mortadella in there.

After all that, it didn't really make sense to keep calling this a garlic-bread puff-pastry waffle.

To make it, I followed the same basic method Kenji used for his pizza waffle (this one, not this one), rolling out the puff pastry to a roughly 16-inch square, then topping it with the filling, rolling it up, and twisting it into a spiral.

For a visual guide on forming the waffles, check out Kenji's original article, which provides step-by-step photos.