Saveur Magazine Releases Special Pizza Issue

Todd Coleman,

Our friends over at Saveur just came out with their May issue, and we simply can't get enough of it. The magazine has been scooping up James Beard awards for years, so it's no surprise that the issue is gorgeous, thoughtful, and smart. But this time around, it also happens to be all about pizza.

Editors Keith Pandolfi and Todd Coleman took the whirlwind trip of a lifetime, exploring Naples and getting intimate with those tender, puffy-lipped pies that we at Slice have come to know and love. You can check out the features, along with some of the recipes they picked up along the way, over at's Ultimate Pizza Guide. (Though try not to forget all about our ultimate guide while you're over there!)

And, hey, bonus! Here's a peek at Kesté and Don Antonio pizzaoilo extraordinaire, Roberto Caporuscio, in action.

Master Class: Roberto Caporuscio Makes Neapolitan Pizza