26 Sausage, Hot Dog, and Condiment Recipes For Your Memorial Day Grill

Grilled Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut

For regular hot dogs (natural casing, please!), we prefer the straight-up clean flavor of plain sauerkraut with a squirt of good spicy brown mustard.

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Hot diggity dog—few things are faster or more fun to throw on the grill than a good old-fashioned tube steak. Here's our guide to throwing the best possible sausage party, complete with straight-up sausage, things stuffed with sausage, and all the condiments you can fit on the table. Happy grilling!

Interested in making your own sausages from scratch? Start by getting yourself a good meat grinder (see our guide to buying, using, and caring for a meat grinder here). Then check out this post about the science of sausages (ever wonder why sausages are usually salty, there's a reason!). After that, jump into any one of the sausage and hot dog recipes below.

Finally, check out this Food Lab post for some in depth discussion on the best way to grill sausages.

Sausage and Hot Dog Recipes


Sausage-Stuffed Things


Sauces, Mustards, and Relishes


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