Spicy Brown Mustard | Sauced


In my last mustard post, there was a call for a good spicy brown, deli-style mustard as the next stop on mustard trail—you ask and and you shall recieve.

Breaking down the name of this mustard is all that's really needed to put together a killer recipe. Mainly, the spicy comes from the use of brown mustard seeds, which pack a greater heat than their yellow brethren.

So I used past experience with a beer mustard, and followed a similiar procedure, minus the beer, swapped yellow seeds for brown, omitted any sweeteners, and gave a little more in the spice section with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

The brown seeds, while spicier, are also way more pungent, and the mustard was incredibly bitter right after coming out of the blender. A fews days rest helped this, and I what I ended up with was richly layered sauce.

It starts with a very deep and tart mustard flavor, that has an added depth from the spices, but not so much that it tastes like a Christmas cookie. As the mustard settles on the tongue, the heat comes into play and leaves a nice burn that tingles the back of the throat. It's a perfect complement to pastrami stacked a mile high between a couple pieces of rye.