Rosemary and Lemon White Bean Dip | Sauced

Joshua Bousel

I rely almost exclusively on hummus as the dip of choice at parties, so much so that I've barely ventured off course to make anything else to go with my pita chips, other than a spinach and artichoke dip that makes an appearance every now and then. I started feeling like I was becoming a one-note dip guy, so I decided to branch out and gave this rosemary and lemon white bean dip by Mark Bittman a whirl.

The recipe couldn't be simpler: process together beans, garlic, lemon juice, and oil in a food processor, and once that's smooth, transfer to a bowl and stir in rosemary and lemon zest. The results of mere minutes of work ended up surprising me.

Sitting next to my favorite hummus, this white bean dip disappeared twice as fast as its chickpea cousin. The lightly flavored cannellini beans provided a creamy base for the lemon and rosemary to shine, giving an herbal, zesty, and fresh flavor that my guests gobbled up. Just goes to show that I need to get more dips into my repertoire; anyone have a favorite I should try out?