Hot Chile Chutney | Sauced

My wife is a good sport when it comes to my sauce and grilling recipes. I usually make what I feel like, which isn't necessarily what she's craving, but she'll usually end up eating it. Some recipes I do with her in mind but rarely has she requested something specific, so I was happy to oblige when she asked for this hot chile chutney from Jamie at Home by Jamie Oliver.

Intrigued by the recipe myself as well, I set forth on the simple but somewhat long process that started with roasting, peeling, and chopping hot and sweet red peppers. These were added to red onions that had been cooked along with rosemary and cinnamon, then the entire mixture was simmered with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar until reduced to a syrup-like consistency.

The original recipe was vague on pepper types, calling just for "red hot peppers." I ended up picking up some peppers labeled just that, and while I failed to identify them at home, I found out the hard way just how incredibly hot they were.

In the finished chutney, the flavor started our sweet and robust, letting in hints of cinnamon and rosemary but that quickly turned into a mouth of fire. Spread on bread with a bit of brie, the heat was more manageable and for a lover of heat like myself, made a really fantastic condiment.

It was a little too spicy for the wife though. If I make it again, I'd go with her tastes and use a less intense pepper like red jalapeños or fresnos. Feeling a bit failed by not fully delivering on one of her few recipe requests of me, I'm keeping the request line open and hope to hit some high marks along the way.