Chunky Blue Cheese Burger Sauce | Sauced

Joshua Bousel

I can't say I much enjoy blue cheese. I stand in the camp that feels that it tastes like, well... mold—and not in a good way. I'll admit, though, there've been points of blue cheese brilliance in my life, where the use of the cheese works so well and tastes so good that I've come close to defecting to the other side.

Most of these moments come in the form of pairing blue cheese with a big hunk of beef, like a burger or steak. So when considering making a blue cheese sauce, I thought of making something substantial to rest atop beautiful beef burgers.

I landed with this recipe, which is kind of like a blue cheese dressing with scaled-back amounts of liquid and bigger, chunkier pieces of cheese.

Blue cheese dominates both the texture and flavor, but equal amounts of sour cream and buttermilk create a tangy mix that scales back the "moldy" cheese flavor, making it much more palatable to my taste. Add to that some Worcestershire, garlic, lemon juice, and mustard powder, and this sauce becomes incredibly robust and full-flavored, which makes it stand great on its own, but even better against beefy, fatty grilled burgers.