15 Salmon Recipes to Celebrate America's Favorite Fish

These pan-seared, poached, broiled, and raw salmon recipes will please just about everyone.

Vicky Wasik

Salmon is one of the most popular fishes in America, and for good reason. It can be readily found all over the country and has a pleasantly fatty texture and a flavor that's robust but not overly fishy. Salmon's also extremely versatile. It can be pan-seared, poached, broiled, or served raw. Depending on your mood, it can be seasoned with nothing more than salt and pepper or aggressively sauced without getting lost. It pairs well with a diverse array of sides. To show you what I mean, I've rounded up 15 of our favorite salmon recipes—basic seared fillets, poached salmon with dill-yogurt sauce, salmon burgers, and more.