Sunday Brunch: Salmon and Caviar Blini

Sydney Oland

The first morning of any New Year is a time when everyone wants to put their best foot forward. (Never mind that it comes directly after one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.) A simple blini, piece of salmon, dollop of crème fraiche and spoonful of caviar and you'll be ready to impress your guests. With these simple blini you can roll out of bed with your party hat still on and put together a beautiful brunch that looks and tastes like a meal that's fit to start 2012.

I recommend using American caviar; it's a tasty and cost-saving alternative to the endangered beluga. This blini recipe does not use yeast, so if you're having company early and want to be prepared, you could cook them off the night before and simply bring them out of the fridge and let them come up to room temperature before assembling them in the morning. In any case, starting a New Year when your most challenging task is determining the right ratio of fresh squeezed orange juice to sparkling wine in your mimosa seems like kicking a year off the right foot to me.