10 Savory Saffron Recipes to Make Any Meal a Special Occasion

Risotto, bouillabaisse, and more saffron recipes to help you make the most out of the pricey spice.

bouillabaisse French fish soup
Liz Clayman

Many people get scared away from saffron by its price tag, and that's totally understandable—the dried crocus stamens are among the most expensive ingredients in the world, pound for pound. The good news is that just a pinch goes a long way, so it costs very little to infuse a single dish with saffron's copper color and musky flavor. (Check out our articles about buying and cooking with saffron and whether it needs to be bloomed before use to help familiarize yourself with the spice.)

If you're making the investment in a few ounces of saffron, you'll want to make the most of it. We've rounded up 10 of our favorite savory saffron recipes to get you started, from a classic, fragrant Milanese-style risotto to real-deal French bouillabaisse to a simple dinner of roasted chicken and potatoes. More interested in saffron's sweet applications? You'll find our flourless orange-saffron cake and saffron, honey, and orange ice cream plenty tempting.