15 Not-Too-Sweet Rum Cocktails

Vicky Wasik

Rum doesn't get the most love in the cocktail world—too many people have been put off by sickly-sweet tiki drinks made with bottom-shelf versions of the sugarcane-based spirit. And that's a shame, because quality rums, whether a crisp white, a caramelly dark, or a near-dangerously strong naval variety, offer a world of flavors. To show off what this spirit can do, we've rounded up 15 of our favorite rum cocktail recipes, from a complex sipper made with Scotch and Cynar to a refreshing beer cocktail that starts with a tangy pineapple shrub. And don't worry—we've got a few tiki drinks done right, too.

100-Year-Old Cigar (Rum, Scotch, and Cynar Cocktail)

Vicky Wasik

Not a fan of tropical rum drinks? This brooding stirred cocktail is a perfect introduction to the spirit for whiskey die-hards. It's based on a good aged rum, to which we add an intensely peaty Scotch, plus herbal liqueurs: bitter Cynar and sweeter Bénédictine. Rinsing the glass with absinthe, as you would for a Sazerac, lends the drink an anise note without overpowering the other flavors.

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Suns 'n Roses (Rum and Stone Fruit Punch)

Vicky Wasik

If you want more of a party-appropriate crowd-pleaser, try this bright, fruit-forward punch. We make it with aged rum, white tea, and lemon juice, and sweeten it with a syrup flavored with fresh peach or nectarine, dried apricots, and vanilla bean. Conveniently, you can make the punch six hours before serving it.

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Vicky Wasik

The classic daiquiri—made with just rum, lime juice, and sugar—is a far cry from hyper-sweet frozen versions. Light rum is the best choice, and gold rum is okay, but dark rum will be too heavy. The key is carefully measuring your ingredients to get the balance of flavors just right.

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Mr. Howell (Daiquiri With Scotch and Maple)

Vicky Wasik

This complex daiquiri variation uses rich maple syrup instead of plain old sugar and adds a touch of smoky Scotch to the mix. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of rum—a white variety will yield a cleaner-tasting drink, while something dark, like Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, will give it a funky edge.

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Smoked-Rosemary Rum Punch

Elana Lepkowski

If you like playing with fire in the kitchen (safely, of course), this make-ahead big-batch punch is for you. Made with both rich gold rum and earthy overproof rum, the cocktail gets its citrusy, piney character from a lemon-lime syrup that's infused with the scent of rosemary smoked over the flame of a gas stove.

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Cranberry Especial

Elana Lepkowski

This easy-drinking cocktail's sophisticated taste comes from long-aged oloroso sherry and tart cranberry juice. A half-ounce pour of gold rum serves as a supporting player here, giving the drink a little spicy depth without upstaging the sherry's nutty flavors.

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Silver Daisy (Sparkling Rum Cocktail)

Vicky Wasik

In this tiki-inspired twist on the French 75, a classic Champagne cocktail, we replace the gin with a lightly aged rum, giving the drink a hint of vanilla. The original cocktail traditionally calls for just lemon juice in addition to the gin and bubbly. For this one, we find that a combination of lime juice, a little orange curaçao, and Angostura bitters is a better match for the rum.

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Isla Bonita Punch (Sparkling Pineapple-Rum Punch)

Vicky Wasik

Another sparkling rum cocktail, this white rum punch gets its festive island vibe from pineapple juice, lime juice, and a whole lot of muddled mint. A vanilla-infused simple syrup gives it an elegant sweetness.

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The Pineapple Hop

Elana Lepkowski

The winning combination of rum and pineapple lies at the heart of this pitcher-sized beer cocktail, too. But, in place of fresh pineapple juice, a homemade pineapple shrub lends its tart, vinegary notes to a mixture of white rum, orgeat, and piney, bitter IPA. The shrub needs to sit for two weeks in the fridge before you use it, but it'll keep for months, so consider whipping up a big batch to have on hand.

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Everything Nice (Spiced-Rum Coffee With Butterscotch Whipped Cream)

Vicky Wasik

In this riff on Irish coffee, we swap out the traditional whiskey for spiced rum, which balances the coffee's bitterness with its caramel sweetness. The best part, though, is the finishing touch: We top the drink with a quick butterscotch whipped cream, made with malted milk powder and dark brown sugar, plus a grating of fresh nutmeg to bring out the rum's spicy notes.

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Hazy Sunset (Pineapple-Rum Cocktail With Smoked Ice)

Elana Lepkowski

This fun pineapple-rum drink changes dramatically as you sip it, thanks to a surprise ingredient: mesquite-smoked ice. A mix of light and overproof rums plus pineapple and lime juices, it starts out light, but becomes richer and more savory as the ice melts.

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Sparkling Jungle Bird

Elana Lepkowski

Sparkling wine and an infused rum brighten up this bubbly remake of an old tiki standby, the Jungle Bird (typically a mix of dark rum, Campari, lime, and pineapple). Infusing roasted pineapple and lime in aged rum produces a rich, tangy spirit, while a skewered garnish of a pineapple slice and leaf, lime wheel, and Luxardo cherry lends an extra-festive touch.

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The Varnish's Milk Punch

Lizz Schumer

A creamy relic from the 18th century, milk punch employs a curious technique: curdling the milk with an acid to remove the solids. The resulting clarified liquid retains the silkiness of the dairy, but appears magically clear. This cognac-rum milk punch, from Los Angeles cocktail bar The Varnish, also highlights another delightfully old-timey ingredient: oleo-saccharum, a fragrant syrup flavored with the oils from muddled lemon peels.

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