Round and Round: Pizza Cutter Test

The Chicago Tribune takes nine pizza cutters out for a test spin. This being a Chicago paper, its judging skewed more toward wheels that could handle deep dish:

We wanted a cutter that could make slices without too much effort, cutting but not crushing that thick outer crust, and with wheels big enough to navigate the fillings. The smaller wheels got gobbled up by the pizza; in some cases the safety guards were so close to the wheels that cheese and sauce collected on the base--a mess for sure, but also robbing our servings of those tasty ingredients. Finally, we sought a comfortable grip as we rolled our way through the pizza pies.

The Trib's faves?

OXO 4-inch Cutter (safe for nonstick pans; $10.95)
KitchenAid Large Pizza Cutter ($14.99)
Cuisipro Pizza Wheel ($13.99)

The paper didn't like the Zyliss palm-held pizza wheel, which is no surprise. It's always looked like a case of form over function to me.

Out for a Spin [Chicago Tribune]