Gallery: Market Tours: Rossman Farms, a Wonderland of Cheap, Tasty Produce

  • Rossman Farms

    Rossman Farms fruit and vegetable market

    The enormous store occupies the first floor of a warehouse on Third Avenue under the BQE overpass.


    fruit market

    All of Rossman's prices are very low, but the outside of the store is where the bargain-basement specials of the week are displayed.


    green vegetables

    Just one of the packed veggie aisles in the store.

    Pepper Aisle

    pepper aisle

    A super colorful display of peppers of all kinds.


    roots aisle

    Bins and bins of onions and potatoes...

    Purple Potatoes

    purple potatoes

    ...such as this lovely purple variety.

    Tropical Island

    tropical fruits

    Not Jamaica, but some of the produce you can find there: jicama, ginger, plantains, bananas, and peppers.

    Cheese Island

    cheese aisle

    Rossman's continually updates its product line to reflect the needs of its customer base. The store added this cheese section, which offers a huge selection of both domestic and imported cheeses, a few months ago.

    Organic Island

    organic fruits and vegetables

    Another update Rossman's has made: an ever-expanding line of organic produce.

    Housemade Salads

    Salsa and dips

    Rossman's produces a line of 40 housemade salads in its on-site kitchen. The salads, which include superb hummus, guacamole, roasted eggplant, and tahini cauliflower, are made fresh daily. For most varieties, a pint will run you $3.98.



    Owner Mike Rossman is of Israeli descent, and several of the store's products reflect that heritage, such as these persimmons, which are commonly eaten in the Middle East.

    Personal Watermelon

    watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe

    When you just don't want to share.

    Mama Mia! Tomatoes!


    Another way Rossman's keeps costs down? They produce their own line of fruits and vegetables on farms in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and package them under their Mama Mia label. Here, a variety of their tomatoes.

    Persian Cucumbers

    Persian cucumbers

    Persian cucumbers are slender, crisp, and sweet, considered by many to be the tastiest variety of the fruit.

    Cranberry Beans

    Cranberry beans

    Pretty speckled-pink beans.



    Rossman's carries a variety of hot peppers, such as these birds-eye chiles and habeneros.



    Ever seen a cardoon before? I hadn't before visiting Rossman's. They look like celery but are relatives of the artichoke, and are typically eaten braised. Another fun cardoon fact: they contain enzymes which can be used to make vegetarian rennet, used in the cheese-making.



    Beautiful fresh citrus.



    A fall favorite and another fruit beloved in the Mediterranean.

    Walk-In Fridge

    walk-in fridge

    One of the keys to Rossman's rock-bottom prices is its ability to store everything it sells on site. This entire room is a walk-in refrigerator used for storing vegetables.

    This is, Too

    refridgerated room

    And here, in another refrigerated room, many bushels of onions.

    Outside Bargains

    Sweet butternut squash

    Rossman's displays its bargains of the week in giant bins outside the store. Here, a post-Thanksgiving price slash on butternut squash.