Rice and grain recipes that serve as the heart of a meal: hearty, nutritious, filling, and, of course, delicious! From risotto and paella to biryani, porridges, and grain salads.
Gyudon (Japanese Simmered Beef and Rice Bowls) Recipe
Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage, Cabbage, and Torch Hei Recipe
Eggplant Rice Bowl (Donburi) Recipe
Finished and garnished mushroom risotto in a bowl with cheese and herbs on the periphery.
Pressure Cooker Mushroom Risotto Recipe
Ikura Don (Japanese Rice Bowl With Salmon Roe) Recipe
Stovetop Paella Mixta for Two With Chicken and Shrimp Recipe
Garlic Fried Rice Recipe
A pan of grilled paella mixta on a table, with mussels, shrimp, chicken, and clams.
Grilled Paella Mixta (Mixed Paella With Chicken and Seafood) Recipe
A bowl of risotto sprinkled with chopped chives.
Perfect Risotto Recipe
A bowl of Creole-style red jambalaya.
Creole-Style Red Jambalaya With Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Recipe
Thai-Style Crab Fried Rice Recipe
A plate of spam-fried rice topped with a fried egg
Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice Recipe
Omurice (Japanese Omelette-Topped Ketchup Fried Rice With Chicken) Recipe
Mushroom and asparagus risotto plated in a shallow dish.
Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto Recipe
12 Comforting Rice Bowl Recipes for Weeknight Dinners
Grilled chicken and pork paella in a paella pan
Grilled Chicken and Pork Paella Recipe
Stovetop paella mixta in a paella pan.
Stovetop Paella Mixta for Four With Pork, Chicken, and Shrimp Recipe
A finished pot of pork and sweet corn congee, garnished with sliced scallions.
Ground Pork and Corn Congee (Chinese Rice Porridge) Recipe
Bowl of creamy vegan risotto with serving spoon
Easy Vegan Pressure-Cooker Miso Risotto Recipe
Pressure Cooker Corn Risotto Recipe
Fried Rice With Blistered Green Beans and Basil Recipe
A bowl of fried rice with Chinese sausage. There is a silver spoon in the bowl. On the left periphery of the image is another bowl of fried rice. There is a glass of liquid in the top right corner, and a bowl holding sliced scallions on the right periphery of the image.
Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage Recipe
Pressure Cooker Butternut Squash Risotto With Frizzled Sage and Brown Butter Recipe
Bengali Rice Porridge With Lentils and Chicken Recipe
Banh Chung for Lunar New Year Recipe
Bok Choy and Kale Fried Rice With Fried Garlic Recipe
Stir-Fried Rice Cakes Recipe
Creamy Risotto alla Milanese (Saffron Risotto) Recipe
Vegetable Biryani from 'River Cottage Veg'
Overhead view of omurice on a blue palte
Japanese Pork Fried Rice Omelette With Okonomiyaki Sauce (Omurice) Recipe
taking a forkful of risotto al salto pancake dusted with grated parmigiano
Risotto al Salto (Crispy Rice Pancake) Recipe
Risotto with Spring Peas, Ham, and Fontina Cheese Recipe
Rice Cakes with Chili Paste, Fermented Black Bean, and Sichuan Peppercorn Recipe
Riselotes al Salto (Elote-Flavored Risotto Pancake) Recipe
Cartoon illustration of a little girl making bibimbap.
Kid-Friendly Bibimbap (The Food Lab Junior)
Braised Chickpeas and Vegetables with Couscous, Harissa Yogurt, and Soft Eggs from 'Flour, Too'
Basmati Rice and Pea Pilaf (Peas Pulao) Recipe
Butter and Sage Gnudi From 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'
Shrimp biryani
Madhur Jaffrey's Shrimp Biryani Recipe
Clay Pot Rice With Spicy Sausage and Mushrooms Recipe
Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe
Quick and Easy Pork Fried Rice With Corn and Shishito Peppers Recipe
Overhead view of Colombian beans and rice on a plate and a wooden tray with a fried eggs
Colombian-Style Beans and Rice Recipe
White Rice with Slow-Cooked Egg and Furikake Recipe
Shellfish Paella
Shellfish Paella (Paella de Mariscos) From 'Spain'
Baked Saffron Risotto With Mozzarella and Crispy Topping Recipe
Shrimp bog with lemon wedge
Sullivan's Island Shrimp Bog Recipe | Cook the Book
Mushroom Risotto Recipe
Shrimp Fried Rice with Nam Prik Pao and Crispy Lemongrass Recipe
Strawberry Risotto Recipe | Cook the Book
Scrapcook: Turn Leftover Roast Pork Into Easy Pork Fried Rice
One-Pot Wonders: Coconut Rice With Chicken Thighs
Bok Choy and Kale Fried Rice With Fried Garlic
One-Pot Wonders: Barley With Kale and Eggs
Overhead view of two bowls of congee on a brown woven placemat
Congee (Rice Porridge) With Minced Pork and Crispy Shallots Recipe
Greek-Style Rice Pilaf With Chicken Thighs Recipe
Green Risotto With Mushrooms (Vegan) Recipe
Extra-Rampy Ramp Risotto Recipe