12 Comforting Rice Bowl Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Whether you're craving a Japanese-style rice bowl or a Bengali porridge, these recipes will get you through the week.

Vicky Wasik

When I first moved to New York City, I pretty much lived on rice bowls. It's not just that they were easy to prepare, though that definitely didn't hurt. These simple bowls of porridge, protein over rice, and perfectly balanced curry were just the thing when I was feeling homesick or couldn't find the energy to produce a feast in seven courses.

Now that I'm more settled into my life here, I still lean heavily on these dishes. They're so delicious, and they allow me to pull off fantastically flavorful and comforting meals, even when I'm feeling too lazy to leave my apartment. We have some very strong feelings about how to build a perfect rice bowl. And with these 12 rice bowls in rotation, you're never too far from a home-cooked meal—even on your laziest day.