Make Thanksgiving Shopping Easier With Our New Recipe Box

It's the virtual recipe box you've been waiting for.

Vicky Wasik

Back in February, we introduced you to Relish, our handy new grocery-shopping assistant that allows you to buy ingredients for your favorite Serious Eats recipes with just a few clicks and have them delivered to your door within a matter of hours.

Now we're excited to announce that Relish also functions as a recipe box, allowing you to save an unlimited number of recipes, generate shopping lists from one or more of them, and—if you're so inclined—to purchase those ingredients online. What's more, Relish isn't exclusive to Serious Eats, which means you can save recipes across a suite of websites and blogs, including our sister site, Simply Recipes.

You can access your recipe box and shopping list from our menu. Then start saving—you'll find a "save" button on every Serious Eats recipe. Not sure where to begin? How about getting your Thanksgiving menu in order? When you're ready to go shopping, you can move any of your saved recipes to your shopping list by simply checking it off. Check off more than one recipe, and Relish will automatically calculate how much of each ingredient you need to pick up at the store—no more adding up how many sticks of butter you'll need or accidentally doubling up on bunches of herbs. And if the idea of making a trip to the grocery store starts to feel daunting, you have the option to order it all online for same-day delivery.

Sample Thanksgiving recipe list in Relish

We’re working closely with the Relish team as they continue to roll out new features, and we’re always eager to hear from you about what you love (and what needs work). Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a line.