Five Things to Do with an Entenmann's All Butter Loaf Cake Recipe

Five Things to Do with an Entenmann's All Butter Loaf Cake Recipe

Or what I like to call, POUNDCAKESMASH!

[Robyn Lee]

Oh, All Butter Loaf of my youth! Some of us in the Serious Eats office had the good fortune of living a mere five minutes away from an Entenmann's outlet as a child. A national brand originating in Brooklyn circa 1898, Entenmann's is now a ubiquitous part of drugstore and supermarket displays.

You can always spot that special section decked out with the Original Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies, All Butter Loaves, and Crumb Cakes. In my eyes, they were a step up from Zebra Cakes and Honey Buns, my typical after-school snacks, but of course incomparable to home baking.

(Microwave a Honey Bun for thirty seconds, unwrap, and enjoy in silent bliss while watching Full House or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and you will have experienced being Grace Kang, age 10.)

The Entenmann's outlet holds a dear place in my heart, not only because the founder William Entenmann lived in my hometown, but it was where my mom let me pick out two items to take to the register. As a de facto only child, two whole containers of baked goods made for a tremendous amount of riches. Prices at the outlets are well below retail so everything feels like the best deal ever. The experience of being in a room surrounded by blue and white Entenmann's boxes containing various baked goods is totally recommended.

My all-time favorite item will always be the All Butter Loaf, also known simply as pound cake in my family. The ever-so-soft moistness, the eerily golden brown top, and the loaf ends--so delicious I never minded eating them. It's such an incredibly versatile loaf and can act as a base to many desserts.

When I'm looking for something simple, endlessly adaptable, and readily available--and apparently I'm not the only one--I turn to the All Butter Loaf. Here are my five favorite preparations and if you're in the mood to try any of them, I suggest seeking out an Entenmann's outlet store near you.