Deep-Fried Peeps Recipe

Deep-Fried Peeps Recipe

Peeps Week idea, I tried to think of a way to make them taste better. And the only idea that popped up was the tried and true favorite: deep frying.

Considering I had never deep fried anything before, I didn't want to delve into my deep fried Peeps experience without instructions. But the Internet, the source of almost everything you could ever want to know in the world (and a lot of information you don't care about), fell short in the department of "how to make deep fried Peeps." Even deep fried marshmallows was a weak topic in the Internet. My dreams of golden crusted Peeps with gooey centers began to fade. Maybe the reason I couldn't find much instruction was because it didn't work. I tried to think of everything that could go wrong, mostly having to do with exploding Peeps.

But even if I was setting myself up for failure, I still wanted to give it a shot and document the process so that future generations of "People Who Don't Really Like Peeps but Really Like Deep Fried Anything" could follow my lead. Or not. Using this recipe for deep fried marshmallows (the only one I could find) and modifying this recipe for apple fritters, I made two kinds of deep fried Peeps. Check out the results and recipe, after the jump.


First up: graham cracker-coated Peeps.


Dip Peeps in egg white, then crushed graham crackers, then egg white, then graham crackers, then egg white, then shredded coconut. Triple the coating, triple the goodness.


I ran out of coconut part of the way, so I left some un-coconuted. Erin said they looked like chicken nuggets.


Time to break out the FryDaddy (courtesy of Erin's roommate)! As we waited for the oil to heat up, the room filled with...interesting smells.


Watch those babies fry. No explosions took place: just the gentle bubbling of corn oil crisping up some graham cracker and coconut-breaded Peeps.


Unfortunately, I didn't apply the chick's breading well enough and its innards began to ploop out early in the frying process.


And they're done! And they don't look too messed up.


...Aside from the gooey leakage of molten Peep innards.


The deep fried chocolate bunny Peeps tasted the best compared to the original chicks and the orange eggs. "It tastes like hot chocolate," said Erin.


The orange egg kinda just melted into the crust. Oops.


My modified apple fritter batter was much less successful. I added milk to the batter to thin it out, but probably added too much.

It almost looks like a chick wading in a lake, except it's a batter-coated Peep in a bucket of burning hot oil.


The batter fell off. Sadness. (But the fried batter tasted good—soft and just a little sweet.)


We fried the other Peeps with mildly acceptable results.


After we determined that the apple fritter-esque Peeps weren't working, we just plopped the batter straight into the bucket, along with some batter-dipped candy bar chunks. This is the final plate of half-eaten batter bits and molten, malformed Peeps. Not a pretty sight.

Deep fried Peeps—specifically the chocolate bunnies—breaded in graham cracker crumbs and shredded coconut were the obvious winner of the two, but even the failed apple fritter-esque Peeps tasted better than regular Peeps. Deep frying added a favorable dimension that unaltered Peeps don't have: crunchiness + gooeyness. Once again, deep frying makes things taste delicious—and makes you eat foods you wouldn't otherwise choose to ingest.

  • Yield:five Peeps


  • 2 egg whites, mixed
  • 4 sheets Graham crackers crushed into crumbs
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • 5 Peeps
  • Vegetable oil for frying


  1. 1.

    Dip Peep in egg whites, then roll in crumbs. Dip in egg whites again and roll in crumbs for a second coating. Dip in egg whites a third time and roll in shredded coconut. Pat coconut into the breading. Make sure the Peep is well coated so it ends up with an impenetrable graham cracker-shell armor.

  2. 2.

    Heat oil to 350°F and fry Peeps one at a time, rolling it over once one side has browned. Fry until the Peep is golden brown or starts to leak, about 30 seconds.

  3. 3.

    Place finished Peeps on paper towel-lined plate. Allow to cool a bit before eating, but eat it while the innards are still molten.