My Favorite Ragu of All Time: What's Yours? Recipe

My Favorite Ragu of All Time:  What's Yours? Recipe

A good friend and upstairs neighbor dropped off a container of the ragu she had spend the entire day making. She had seen the story about ragus in the Sunday New York Times Magazine and decided that nothing would give her more pleasure than making the Beef Bolognese recipe from Marco Canora, the chef-owner of Insieme, the excellent new Italian restaurant in New York. We heated the ragu in the microwave and ate it with a couple of slices of light, airy, moist, and just crisp enough pizza bianco from Grandaisy Bakery. It was ragu from the gods: rich, tangy, meaty, and insanely delicious. I urge all of you to spend a day making this ambrosial Sunday sauce.

I realize that for many people the idea of making a Sunday sauce or ragu is an intensely personal experience related to the strength of family ties and memories. So if you have a family recipe for ragu or Sunday sauce we'd like to hear about it.