Super Bowl Eats Recipe

Super Bowl Eats Recipe

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Every year, I get excited about the Super Bowl. It's not about the halftime show or the commercials, and although I've been trying my best to understand the finer points of the game, it really comes down to one thing: the food.

When I told my boyfriend I wanted to throw a Super Bowl party this year, he wasn't too thrilled when he realized it would attract a crowd more interested in eating than watching the game. He was so concerned that he went so far as to propose I throw a Saturday night eating party, leaving Sunday to intense game-watchers. Sure, like that's gonna happen.

Here are some great recipes for the big game that I'm sure will show him that serious eating doesn't need to be sacrificed for serious watching. Now, I'll just have to convince him that my red and blue Giants cupcakes could theoretically be for the Pats, too.

Spiced Fried Almonds

With a beer in one hand, you've got one free hand left to snack on these spiced-up almonds.

Potato Skins with Pancetta and Mixed Herbs

The fairy godmothers over at Martha Stewart waved their magical wands and classed up this bar-food favorite, transforming it from a college kid snack into its glammed-up Cinderella version—potato skins with pancetta and mixed herbs.

Pork Chips

Pork patties with crisp outsides and juicy insides that get their name from the fact that you can't eat just one.


Good thing Phoenix is warmer than subzero Green Bay, where the Packers and Giants could have used this hearty one-pot dish to warm them up during the playoffs.

Beef Chili con Carne

All the way back in September, at the start of the football season, The Gurgling Cod brought us the first installment of Sunday Night Soups and featured this chili recipe. The New York Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys, and although the Giants lost that game, they've come a long way. If you're not a nostalgic fan, this could be the charm that makes them lose to the Patriots like they did with the Cowboys.

Super Bowl Cocktails

Beer is the obvious choice, but if you want to serve cocktails, play up the New York vs. New England feud with Manhattans and Cape Codders.