White Castle Clones Recipe

White Castle Clones Recipe

Love 'em or hate 'em, White Castle has a crazy unique flavor that sends devotees into rapture and haters into spasms. If you're a hater, move on, but Castleheads take note. Here's a recipe for reproducing the addictive little burgers at home. For a more detailed write-up with step-by-step photos, see A Hamburger Today


1 pound ground chuck 2/3 cup beef broth 2.5 oz. jar strained-beef baby food (you could probably omit) 1 1/4 cups dried chopped onions (about 3 1/3 oz.) 2 1/2 cups hot water (or more if needed) 20 small dinner rolls (or 7 hot dog buns cut in thirds) Cheese and condiments (optional)


1. Line a 10-by-14-inch rimmed baking sheet with plastic wrap. Mix beef, beef stock, and baby food in a large bowl. Transfer mixture to lined baking sheet, and use a spatula to flatten. Place second sheet of plastic wrap over meat, and use rolling pin or hands to further flatten meat so it covers entire surface of pan.

2. Remove top layer of plastic wrap, and use spatula to score flattened beef into 2.5-inch squares. Reapply wrap, and place pan in freezer until meat is frozen solid.

3. Place dried onion in a small bowl, and add the hot water; let stand at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile, take frozen beef from freezer, and remove from plastic wrap. Re-score it with a sharp knife, and gently break patties apart.

4. Heat a large skillet (cast iron works best) or grill pan over medium-high heat. Add 1/4 of onion-and-water mixture to skillet. When water begins to steam (which should happen almost instantly), place 5 patties on top of onions. Cook, flipping once, to desired doneness. (Cooking time will depend on whether your patties are still frozen solid or have thawed a bit.) After flipping, place a bun top on each patty.

5. Remove patties and buns, with a helping of onion, from skillet. Add bun bottoms, and any cheese or condiments as desired. Repeat with remaining ingredients.