Reality Check: Bobby Flay's Green Chile Cheeseburger

Last month, Bobby Flay won the "Amstel Light People's Choice Award" at the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival with his Green Chile Cheeseburger. Available just last week at all Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP) locations to commemorate his win, the cheeseburger is made with the customary griddled beef patty, queso sauce, roasted green chiles, pickled red onions, and Flay's signature layer of "crunchifying" potato chips.

Flay calls the green chiles his "secret ingredient" for the competition and it's the small touch of heat that distinguishes it from the rest of the menu at BBP. Like all BBP burgers the green chile cheeseburger is made with the standard 6- to 7-ounce Angus beef patty. Reasonably charred and juicy at medium-rare, the burger is par for the course at BBP. Factor in the burger's other ingredients and the closest thing on the regular menu would be the Santa Fe Burger. Both share the queso sauce, but the Santa Fe employs pickled jalapeños instead of red onions. The green chile cheeseburger makes up for that by the inclusion of Flay's secret roasted green chiles.


The result is a burger that tastes exactly like what you'd imagine when you hear the name Bobby Flay. Given Flay's penchant for Tex-Mex and Southwestern food and judicious use of chipotle chile, the green chile cheeseburger embodies what one might imagine Bobby Flay makes himself for lunch in his own kitchen. The roasted green chiles lend a subtle but lingering heat that feels natural for BBP. The sweetness of the onions and mellower queso sauce act as logical counterpoints, and the "crunchifying" layer of chips do add extra texture but little else.

Overall, if you're a fan of Bobby Flay and BBP, it'll be exactly what you're expecting with just a little extra taste of Flay's own inherent affinity for Tex-Mex. It's a satisfying fast food burger, but with similar items on the menu, like the aforementioned Santa Fe burger, it might not warrant permanent inclusion on the menu. Instead, maybe BBP should offer the roasted green chiles as an optional topping. Then that extra kick that so evokes Flay's signature style and distinguishes his award-winning burger can be thrown on to any of the other burgers.

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