'Real Pizza of New York' iPhone App Is a Pizza Lover's Must-Have


You may know Jeff Orlick of Jeffrey Tastes from his 5-Boro Pizza Tour this past summer. Looks like that was all research work for his newly released Real Pizza of New York iPhone app.

I've kicked the tires on this thing a bit and just rated it 5 stars in the iTunes App store, where it sells for the bargain basement price of 99¢

I will just quote myself from my App Store review:

As the founder and editor of a pizza blog ("Slice"), all I can say is that this app is a must-have for hardcore and newbie pizza fans alike. Mr. Orlick gets all the classic places in here as well as some real hidden gems. And his taste is impeccable. This guide is authoritative, accurate, and accessible. Bravo! Wish I would have come up with something like it myself!

I truly do love this app, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have some hinkiness. It's from a company called Sutro Media, which appears to offer a number of guides, all with the same (or similar) underlying template. My issue is with the template itself, not Orlick's info (which is stellar).


At times, the Sutro guide navigation is a little wonky, with a "Done" button standing in for what should rightly be a "Search" button. This leads to confusion at times. After punching in a set of search parameters, for instance, you're left with "Done" as your only option — does pressing it mean you're canceling out of the search? Just the opposite, in fact.

After a few flubs, however, you'll get used to the navigation, so I'm willing to let it go.

The app is divided into handy sections, among others: borough, genre (bar, coal, new wave, old school), "Godfathers of Pizza" (basically, can't-miss joints), and "Pilgrimages" (also can't-miss joints — lots of overlap between those two). The most helpful feature for folks on the go, though, might be the "nearby" filter. Since the app covers all five boroughs and gets to all corners, there's almost always a decent slice that it can recommend to you.

There are about 100 pizzerias in the app now. Mr. Orlick tells me he's hoping to get to 200 in the near future.

It's 99¢. Well worth the price of admission, folks.