8 Delicious Drinks to Make During Berry Season

Kelly Carámbula

Maybe summer is your favorite time of year because you still have that school's-out feeling (or you're actually on vacation), maybe it's the warm evenings and sidewalks full of happy outdoor diners. Or perhaps you're like us: all about the raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, you-name-it berries that are at their sweetest and juiciest in these sunny months.

We love berries in jam, we love 'em in pies, and we love 'em by the handful. But we really think you should work some berries into your happy hour repertoire, too. Here are 4 fantastic ways to drink your fill.

My Sharona

Robyn Lee

The perfect peak-season raspberry has a deep, sweet flavor, but still retains a tartness that's highlighted in this easy rum highball. All you need is some raspberries to muddle, fresh lemon, agave nectar, and your favorite spicy ginger beer.

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Blackberry Gin and Tonic

Kelly Carámbula

If you tend to make yourself a standard gin and tonic, this is a fun variation to consider. Muddled blackberries give this highball a rich purple color and a wonderful berry flavor. Make sure those berries are ripe for best results!

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Blackberry Margarita

Kelly Carámbula

A major upgrade from the sort of fruity margarita mixes you can buy pre-batched: fresh berries, tart lime, good tequila and Cointreau. You can adjust the sweetness of your drink to your taste by adding a little agave nectar.

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Raspberry Spritz

Elana Lepkowski

This fresh and fizzy drink isn't too high in alcohol, so you can have a couple at brunch or as an aperitif. An easy raspberry and mint syrup adds fresh flavor to sparkling wine and bittersweet Cocchi Americano.

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