Gallery: Ramp Week: How To Make Ramp Frittatas

  • Ramps and Eggs

    Ramps and Eggs

    Ramps and eggs. BFF5-eva

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    The Ingredients

    3 whole eggs plus 3 yolks in one bowl, 3 egg whites in another (that's 6 eggs total for those of you counting), and a dozen or so washed ramps.

    Beat the eggs

    Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks, then beat the remaining eggs along with some chopped herbs (I use parsley, tarragon, and chives).

    Chop the Ramps

    Chop of the ramps for cooking. The whites should be thinly sliced, while the greens should be roughly chopped.

    Fry the Ramps

    Fry the ramps in butter until nicely browned and aromatic.

    Whisk Into Eggs

    Whisk the cooked ramps into the whisked whole eggs.

    Add the Whites

    Add the whipped whites to the egg/ramp mixture.

    Fold Until Homogenous

    Fold it all together until homogenous. It will deflate slightly. This is ok.

    Start Cooking

    Heat some more butter over medium-high heat in the same skillet, then add the egg mixture and cook, folding it around until about half set.

    Good to Go

    Just about ready for the oven. Smooth off the top at this point.


    Place the whole thing under a preheated broiler.


    It's ready when it's puffed and golden brown.

    Flip it Out

    Loosen the frittata in the pan, then flip it out onto a board.

    Slice and Serve

    Slice the frittata into serving pieces while hot. It can also be served room temperature or cold, depending on your preference.

    Eat It


    Click here for the full recipe for Puffy Ramp Frittata! »