Gallery: How To Make Bacon and Ramp Dumplings

  • Step 3: Getting Some Color

    Getting a bit of color on the ramps will enhance their sweetness.

    Step 4: Bacon.

    Bacon, in the food processor.

    Step 5: The Other Ingredients

    Cabbage, sauteed ramps, salt, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, rice wine, sesame oil, and pork.

    Step 6: Pulsed

    Pulse them together to form a rough paste.

    Step 7: Start The Dough

    Dumpling dough is made by pouring boiling water over flour. Using the food processor makes it much easier. Just pour in the water until the dough comes together into a nice ball.

    Step 8: Dough Ball

    Like this.

    Step 8: Make Individual Balls

    Let the dough rest under a damp towel for 30 minutes, the tear it into tablespoon-sized balls. You should get about 40 of them.

    Step 9: Ready To Roll

    If you're a little slow, keep the balls under a damp cloth. If you work fast, you can just let them sit in flour on the cutting board.

    Step 10: Roll It

    Roll the balls into thin sheets about 3 1/2 inches across.

    Step 11: Stack'em

    Stack the rolled wrappers under plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

    Step 12: Add the Filling and Moisten

    Add about a tablespoon of filling to the center of the wrapper and moisten the edges with your finger or a brush.

    Step 13: Fold and Pinch Edge

    To start the folding process, fold the wrapper in half around the filling and pinch one edge to seal it tightly.

    Step 14: Pleat

    Place the dumpling flat on the cutting board, then start pleating the front edge, pushing it against he back edge (which should remain unpleated) as you go. By doing this, you'll force the dumpling into a curved crescent shape.

    Step 15: Finish and Seal

    As you go, be careful to squeeze out as much excess air as possible, especially right at the end before closing the dumpling off.

    Step 16: Ready To Cook

    Dumplings, ready to cook. They can be frozen at this stage and kept for several months. To freeze them, place them on a sheet tray and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the dumplings from the tray and place them in a plastic zipper-lock freezer bag.

    Step 17: Boil

    To cook the dumplings, either steam them, or use my favorite two-step method. Start by dropping them into boiling water.

    Step 17: Fish Them Out

    Once they start floating, let them cook for an additional 2 minutes, then carefully fish them out and transfer them to a plate to cool slightly.

    Step 18: Fry'em

    Once they've cooled and dried slightly—just 2 to 3 minutes—heat some oil in a wok or a cast iron or non-stick skillet until it smokes lightly. Add the dumplings bottom side down and cook them without moving for about 30 seconds so the bottoms can begin to crisp. Once they've started, use a thin spatula to make sure they aren't stuck, then continue cooking, swirling the pan so they cook evenly.

    Step 19: Serve

    A crisp and pleasantly chewy skin with smoky, sweet, onion-y, and tender meat inside. Dumplings don't get much more fun than this.

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    Bacon + Ramps + Dumplings

    Bacon + Ramps + Dumplings

    What does it make? Barumplings, I guess. Also delicious. It makes delicious.

    Step 1: Purge Your Cabbage

    Cabbage needs to have its liquid pulled out before adding to dumpling fillings you do this by salting, letting it rest, and squeezing it.

    Step 2: Sauté Ramps

    Ramps, greens and all, go into a hot wok.