The Best Cookware and Gadget Deals on Prime Day

J. Kenji López-Alt, Vicky Wasik

Prime Day is upon us, which means a win-win for Serious Eats and its readers—plenty of great Amazon deals for you, and a small portion of the proceeds for us...or, if you prefer, also for you, since that money helps keep Serious Eats content free and accessible to the public. But enough semantics! Let's talk savings.

There's a host of discounted products on Amazon today, but there are a handful of kitchen essentials we're especially excited to scoop up for less. From a larger version of our go-to budget pressure cooker to our test kitchen's preferred oven thermometer, these are the deals the Serious Eats staff will be shopping as the clock winds down to midnight.*

Do keep in mind that Amazon will be adding (and removing) discounted items throughout the day.

The Instant Pot Duo80 for $89.99 (30% Off)

J. Kenji López-Alt

We're big proponents of pressure cookers here at Serious Eats. Not only are they superior to slow cookers, but they're better than pots for making stocks and soups. They cook dry beans in under an hour, no soaking required. They can turn tough beef into amazingly tender chili in half an hour, or convert chicken and green chilies into chile verde with no more work than dumping in the ingredients and hitting a button. You want hot steamed rice or creamy and tender risotto? Five minutes in the pressure cooker will get you there. And the good news is, it'll cost you under $100 to nab an excellent countertop model.

We did a lot of testing to find the best pressure cookers on the market, and the countertop Instant Pot Duo60 took the prize for best value. It's easy to use, has a reputation for great customer service, and works almost as well as far more expensive models. Oh, and did we mention that it performs a whole bunch of other functions beyond pressure-cooking? Today's deal will allow you to get the eight-quart Instant Pot Duo80—identical to the Duo60 except for its larger size—at a fantastic price.

The Vitamix 5200 Blender for $399.20 (20% Off)

J. Kenji López-Alt

High-end blenders, with a peak horsepower of two or higher, don't come cheap—the most inexpensive models will cost you around $400. So why would you pay this much when a standard blender has all the same functions? Because a high-powered blender does them so much better. Use one of these babies and you'll get the smoothest soups, smoothies, purées, and nut butters, not to mention crushed ice in a flash and grains milled to your own specifications. The Vitamix 5200 Blender is the one that Kenji keeps on his kitchen counter. According to him, it's "a true no-frills tank of a machine." And now, it's slightly more affordable ($100 more affordable, to be precise).

The Anova Bluetooth Sous Vide Cooker for $99 (35% Off)

J. Kenji López-Alt

Sous vide cooking—cooking foods in vacuum-sealed pouches in a temperature-controlled water bath—offers unparalleled precision over whatever it is you're trying to cook, whether it's steaks and chops, shrimp and lobster, vegetables, or even large cuts of meat like pork shoulders and legs of lamb. With fast-cooking foods, like steaks and chicken breasts, sous vide removes all the guesswork involved in traditional methods. No poking with a thermometer, no cutting and peeking, no jabbing with your finger—just perfect results every single time. And, while this method once required the sort of pricey, bulky machine that largely limited sous vide cooking to restaurant kitchens, compact immersion circulators have completely transformed the market.

The Anova Precision Cooker is one of our favorite currently available sous vide solutions. With an easy-to-use interface, Bluetooth support, super-solid construction, and an affordable price tag, it's a great buy even without a Prime Day deal (but especially today!).

The Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer for $5.19 (20% Off)

If your oven runs too hot, it can burn your cookies, make your cakes gummy, and destroy the delicate layers of your flaky pastries. Ovens that run cool are no better: Cookies turn out thin and pale, cakes take on a wet crumb, and flaky pastries get a mealy crust. With a reliable oven thermometer, you can avoid these issues from the get-go. This Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer is our test kitchen's preferred tool to keep your oven honest. And, at just over $5, that honesty comes pretty cheap.

$5 Off Book Purchases Over $15

Images, clockwise from top left: Ten Speed Press, Ten Speed Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Phaidon Press

We have a long list of cookbooks that we love. But our favorites by far are the phenomenal culinary works by members of our staff: Kenji's award-winning The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science and Stella's forthcoming BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts. If you love cookbooks like we do, you'll be excited about this Prime Day deal: Get $5 off your book purchase of $15 or more with the promo code PRIMEBOOKS17.

The KitchenAid Pro 500 Series 10-Speed 5-Quart Stand Mixer for $239.99 (31% Off)

The KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer is a staple in our kitchen. Never mind that it looks beautiful on the counter: Its functions are endless with all the attachments available for purchase. Once you have the base, there's suddenly a whole world of homemade sausages, ice cream, pastas, and fresh juices at your fingertips. The model we usually recommend is a quart larger, but this one is still plenty big enough for most home cooking projects. At $239.99, it's a steal.

Modernist Cuisine at Home for $72.91 (48% Off)

If you're an avid and adventurous cook but can't bring yourself to buy the $490, five-volume Modernist Cuisine set, this volume, designed expressly for home cooks, is an incredible resource at a bargain price. The water- and tear-proof recipe manual will likely become your best friend as you navigate your way through recipes like Korean wings, caramelized carrot soup, and sous vide salmon. Even if you're not a cook yourself, Modernist Cuisine at Home makes for a gorgeous coffee table book and thought-provoking reading for food lovers and nerds alike.