Preserved: Bellini Jam


When the frost of January squeezes you tight in its chilly clutches, sometimes you just need a cocktail for sanity's sake. A nice, summery drink—something that tastes like sunshine. Something like, well, peaches. And my dream cocktail must contain bubbles. So how about a Bellini?

After sipping my Bellini for a few minutes while staring out at the rain, it occurred to me that I could easily turn this little concoction into jam. And that's just what I did. On those mornings when you don't fancy a drink at 9 a.m., a swath of these preserves spread across a bagel is the next best thing.

This wonderfully refreshing Bellini jam combines the sweetness of peaches with the giggly swagger of champagne, making for a homey jam with a punch of flavor from the alcohol. I zip my peaches in the food processor for a smoother texture, but you can chop them coarsely if you prefer your jam a little chunkier. It may be redundant to eat this jam while drinking a Bellini, so feel free to pour yourself a morning mimosa instead. I won't judge you if you don't judge me.