Scrapcook: Turn Leftover Roast Pork Into Easy Pork Fried Rice

Photographs: J. Kenji López-Alt

Fried rice is like the hash of dinnertime. It's the easiest and tastiest way to cleanse your fridge of leftovers. A couple of weeks back, my fridge happened to be full of leftover sous vide pork tenderloin. It's also summer, which means that I have a near-endless supply of corn and shishito peppers in my fridge at all times (those two are fantastic partners in crime). Put it all together, and what do you get? This simple pork fried rice with charred corn and peppers.

To make it, I use my basic rules for the best fried rice. I start with either day-old rice or fresh rice (it honestly doesn't matter very much), keep things nice and hot in the wok by cooking in batches, and season everything very gently with a touch of soy sauce, some salt, and some white pepper, so that the individual ingredients shine instead of being covered up by heavy saucing.

When cooking the corn, I make sure to leave it in the wok long enough to get some nice dark charring on it. Unlike many other vegetables, corn doesn't get mushy if you overcook it, nor does it lose its flavor. If anything, its flavor intensifies as it gets darker. Shishito peppers, on the other hand, need to be cooked hot and fast to keep their fresh green crunch.

The pork tenderloin is already cooked through, so all I really need to do is dice it and heat it up again. If you don't have leftover pork, don't worry—this recipe is just as tasty with ham, bacon, or no meat at all.


Use whatever meat you like. Swap out shishitos for green bell peppers. Got half an onion sitting around? Use that instead of the scallions. The whole point of a 15-minute recipe like this is to keep things simple, so just relax, okay?