My Thai: Pomelo and Shrimp Salad (Miang Som O)

Leela Punyaratabandhu

I used to call miang "one-bite salad," but I'm rethinking it as it seems to suggest that you're supposed to wrap the whole thing up into a big bundle and eat it in one bite. Calling it "salad cups" doesn't do it either since a miang like this isn't usually served assembled in little lettuce cups.

We'll just call it miang, a word (with fairly wide semantic range) for, uh, something wrapped in something that you can eat, or chew, in one bite. Well, in most cases, anyway.


For this miang, I've paired poached shrimp with sweet and tart pomelo. You don't have to use pomelo if you can't find it. Navel orange or grapefruit sections will do just fine. Likewise, if you can't find lotus petals, green or Bibb lettuce works just as well.


For the dressing, you're going to need Thai chili jam (nam prik pao). So if you still have some left over from making shrimp fried rice with nam prik pao or stir-fried clams with basil, this is a good opportunity to let your old friend back in the kitchen with you again.