Pomegranate Americano Recipe

Kevin Liu

Can a classic combination of vermouth and Campari be simulated without alcohol? In this drink, pomegranate juice replicates the acidity, astringency, and caramel sweetness of vermouth. A few drops of bitters (which contribute a scant amount of alcohol to the drink) add the herbal component and some bitterness, reminiscent of Campari.

Recipe Details

Pomegranate Americano Recipe

Active 2 mins
Total 2 mins
Serves 1 serving


  • 2 ounces pomegranate juice
  • 5 dashes Angostura bitters (or to taste)


  1. Add pomegranate juice to a rocks glass filled with ice. Top with soda water and stir to combine. Dash the bitters on top of the drink and swirl lightly to slightly incorporate the bitters into the rest of the drink. Leaving some bitters on top amps up the aromatic element.

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