Pizza Scoresheets: Criteria for Judging Pies

So the Friday after Thanksgiving, Ed Levine emails me some message about how he's going a pizza tour with Bob Kinkead (of Kinkead's in D.C.) and Mark Furstenberg (founder of the BreadLine and now a baking consultant and author).

Ed's all like, "These guys are totally serious about pizza and bread. We're going to Franny's ..." Blah blah blah. And I'm like, "Where's my invite, yo? What am I, chopped liver?" Whatevs. I had plans, anyway. I just wanted a chance to turn down the invite.

Anyway, on Monday, Ed's all like, "You have to see this crazy spreadsheet they had for evaluating and ranking pizza. It was insane!"

Ed asked Kinkead to send a copy, which he did. And that's what you're looking at above. Check that thing out! Kinkead says, "I have included The rubric we showed you and another score card I made [after the jump], which we didn't end up using. I still have not gotten around to tallying up and writing down our conclusions, but I'll send it when I do. There were 14 places total."

Download Excel docs: PizzaQuestScoresheet.xls and PizzaQuestScoresheet2.xls