Pizza-Scented Candles

Adam Kuban

If you're a pizza-loving dude who enjoys the flickering glow of candlelight but think the current scents on the market are a bit too dainty, 13-year-old Hart Main has created Mancans, a line of candles whose aromas are meant to evoke MANLY things. Among them, a pizza-scented candle ($8).

I was going to wait to bring you this bit of pizza-related news until we got our own pizza candle to sample, but it looks like it'll be a while. Young Mr. Main makes these when he's not in school, and it looks like our order is in a long queue, what with all the attention Mancans have received lately. We'll let you know how pizzalike it is when we get it.

Yet one more pizza-related item to keep in mind as a gift for the pizza geek in your life. [via Miss Modernage]

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