Kitchen Hack: Use a Guitar Mount to Store Your Pizza Peels

Your local music store may hold the key to storing this piece of kitchen gear. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

If you're anything like me, you have an obsession with pizza that can only be fed with, well, with pizza I suppose. Which means you probably make a lot of it at home, which means that you probably have at least a wooden pizza peel for launching pies and a metal peel for retrieving them. Right?

And if you're anything like I was a few years ago, those pizza peels have probably lived in various awkward places in your kitchen. Wedged into that gap between the fridge and the wall perhaps, or maybe hung up by a string on its handle next to your pots and pans where it flaps around like the world's most annoying wind chime every time you try to grab a pan.

I discovered the ideal solution a couple years ago when we rearranged our apartment and removed one of my guitars from its wall mount—a two-pronged rack that screws into the wall so you can hang the guitar up without any fuss or worry of it falling.


It occurred to me that it's the perfect tool for organizing my pizza peels.

Ever since that day, my kitchen has been just a bit more organized. The average guitar rack costs a few bucks and can hold around three peels, so even if you collect them the way I do, you're in good shape.

The particular one I have doesn't seem to be around any more, but you can get any number of them from Amazon.