Pizza Madness: Pizza In a Jar

Photographs re-published with permission from 1 Fine Cookie

Man, it's rare that anybody beats Slice to a story about pizza madness in the universe, but we gotta give props to bon appétit's blog for out-scooping us on this one.

The basic premise is simple. You've all seen pie in a jar, I'm sure. You bake a tiny pie in a jar, seal it, and give it away as gifts. Well ain't one pie as good as any other? What's to stop you from baking a pizza pie in a jar? The ever-creative 1 Fine Cookie wondered the same thing and actually did it. So here you go: pizza in a jar.

That would be dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings all layered into a mason jar and baked as-is, to be eaten with a fork.


Personally, I'm wondering how you get char and what the hole structure of the bottom crust is (unfortunately, she didn't supply an underbelly photo), but having plumbed the depraved depths of pizza weirdness myself with pizzagna (that'd be thin-crust pizzas layered with cheese and sauce and baked like a lasagna), I can imagine this being a pretty tasty portable snack.

What say you, Slice'rs?