Pitcher Drinks: Hibiscus-Tequila Cooler

Elana Lepkowski

A cocktail in a pitcher means more time outside relaxing and less time inside making drinks. Springtime brings so many reasons to mix up a batch of a light and refreshing cocktail: holidays, parties, warmer and longer days. This hibiscus and tequila drink is like a burst of spring flowers in your glass.

Hibiscus gives this drink a tart and floral flavor that lifts the vegetal sweetness of the tequila. But beware, hibiscus needs to be watched carefully or its desired tangy taste will become bitter and astringent. Don't leave it to steep for too long!


If you're having trouble finding the limes to make this drink, you can easily substitute the citrus you have on hand. Grapefruit and lemon, kumquats, tangerines; what you want is a fragrant, slightly sweet and tart but not too sour accompaniment to the hibiscus. And hey, there's nothing wrong with making a couple of pitchers to taste-test your flavor combinations.

Make this pitcher cocktail just before your guests arrive, or assemble everything except the tonic ahead of time and refrigerate for several hours before use—it's tasty either way. However, to keep the bright, clean flavors, it is best served the day it's made.