Jamelle Bouie Reviews Pillsbury Funfetti Cereal

Pillsbury Funfetti Cereal is fun...and good? Yes, it's good!


Cereal Eats: Pillsbury Funfetti Cereal, Reviewed

Welcome back to Cereal Eats, the column in which Jamelle Bouie offers an on-camera review of an oddball cereal of his choice—the odder the better. If you missed the last review, check it out here. And if you have any oddball breakfast cereal tips, suggestions, or other pressing cereal intel, drop a note in the comments or email us!

I bought this box of cereal even though I had no idea what “Funfetti” actually tasted like. Would it just be a generic sweet thing, like sprinkles? Would it be some novel flavor, concocted in an industrial lab by some maniac? Or would it be something boring and unobjectionable?

To my genuine surprise, it was the latter. Funfetti Cereal—which tastes something like a vanilla birthday cake—is actually pretty good, a legitimately tasty cereal that I would recommend to anyone who likes sugary, novelty treats. In fact, with a delicious-tasting milk as well, I think Funfetti cereal would make an excellent vehicle for other cereal-based treats, like a Momofuku-style cereal milk ice cream.

Longtime viewers of this series will know that I tend to go for the most objectionable cereals I can find. But this time, it seems I made the right choice.

Verdict: Four spoons.

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