Pie of the Week: Peach and Plum Pie


Here at the intersection of summer and fall, I'm feeling quite tentative about what I want for dinner. On the one hand, I want to slurp up the most delicious, juicy peaches as possible in their final days, no matter how bruised they may be. On the other, the new fall fruit has started to arrive, with gorgeous plums of every hue, and I'm getting excited for what's in store. Luckily, when it comes to pies I don't have to decide, because peaches and plums work together incredibly well when baked between two crusts.

The peaches this year are so sweet, especially the mostly-overripe ones available now, they could stand the addition of some acidity, an area in which plums excel. I chose to use black plums that were just barely ripe and they delivered just the right amount of lip-puckering juices without completely overwhelming the flavor of the peaches. Together, the two fruits made a delicious and symbolic end-of-summer dessert to help us savor the first (hopefully of many) brisk evenings eating dinner outside.