Pie of the Week: Mango Mousse Pie


Mango mousse pie is one of my favorite choices for Easter, delivering a less filling note that's light and still decadent—the perfect finish to a heavy meal. The mango flavor, with its ideal balance of sweet and tart, satisfies the fruit flavor we're craving while local and seasonal options are still many weeks away.

Of all the fruits in the world, I enjoy using mangoes for mousse best because their juicy, smooth flesh makes excellent puree. Unlike fruits that contain many seeds or pith, mangoes blend easily into a creamy puree, a godsend when making a dessert that relies on smooth, even puree. Now that mangoes are in season, I've been ripening them on my kitchen counter; some to eat raw, and others to fold into creamy mousse-based desserts like this pie.


If you're not so sure about working with fresh mango, never fear. Excellent frozen purees can be found in many grocery or specialty stores . Or, if you'd prefer, thaw some frozen mango chunks, blend until smooth, and strain with a fine sieve.

This mousse, unlike many, contains no egg whites. Instead, it relies on whipped cream for lightness and gelatin for stability. Since I'm especially sensitive to the flavor of egg whites and don't always enjoy them with fruit, I prefer this method and I think that you will too.