15 Peach Recipes to Fete Your Favorite Fuzzy Fruit

Vicky Wasik

It's just not summer without stone fruit, and there's nothing quite like biting into a plump and juicy peach. But we also love using them in desserts, savory dishes, and even (or especially) cocktails—anything that could use a little extra fruity sweetness. Whether you want to cook your peaches on the grill and serve them with shallots and bacon, bake them into a rustic pie, or mix them into rosé sangria, we've collected 15 recipes to help you make the most of peach season.

Savory Dishes

Grilled Shallot-Stuffed Peaches With Bacon and Buttermilk Dressing

Lauren Rothman

We love grilling stone fruit to give it a complex sweetness. In this unusual appetizer we grill up halved peaches, fill them with caramelized shallots, and top with crispy bacon and a creamy buttermilk dressing. The whole thing is served on leaves of butter lettuce to make a composed salad.

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Skirt Steak With Warm Spicy Corn-and-Peach Salsa

Yasmin Fahr

This easy summer meal comes together in just 15 minutes because you can prep the salsa ingredients while the steak marinates and cook the salsa while the steak rests after searing. The warm salsa is made with corn, red onion, and jalapeño cooked in the rendered beef fat and mixed with peaches, lime juice, and cilantro.

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Pork Chops With Fresh Peaches and Basil

Yasmin Fahr

In a nod to old-fashioned canned peaches, in this recipe we cook the fruit with lemon zest, sugar, salt, and dried chili flakes to make a sweet accompaniment for pan-seared pork chops. We serve the peaches and pork on a bed of raw spinach, which wilts slightly under the warm meat.

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Peach Walnut Strudel

Carrie Vasios Mullins

A proper strudel is a beautiful thing, but also much more of a project than I'm interested in taking on in the morning. This shortcut version replaces the strudel dough with store-bought puff pastry. It doesn't have quite the same level of flakiness, but with the filling of sliced peaches, sugar, lemon juice, and walnuts, it's tasty enough that you won't mind.

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Freeform Peach Pie (Galette)

Vicky Wasik

Baking a perfect peach pie is tricky—the tender fruit is almost certain to overcook before the crust is done. One solution is to par-bake the crust, but an easier option is just to ditch the pie pan and set the crust on a baking sheet instead. By removing the insulation of the pie pan and arranging the ingredients with more surface area, you can ensure that the whole thing cooks quickly enough to keep the peaches tasting fresh.

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Rustic Apricot-Peach Crostata

Carrie Vasios Mullins

Another freeform peach dessert, this one uses sweet and tender pasta frolla instead of pie dough. We top the crust with apricot jam and sliced peaches—the jam glues the fruit to the pie and gives the dessert (or breakfast) a little extra sweetness. Be sure to let the crostata cool completely before cutting into it so that the juices don't run everywhere.

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Classic Biscuit-Topped Peach Cobbler

Vicky Wasik

There are two styles of cobbler—one made with cake batter and another made with biscuit dough—and we're firmly team biscuit. We keep our cobbler simple, topping a filling of peaches, sugar, lemon juice, and just 3/4 teaspoon of cornstarch with a quick drop biscuit dough. If you wanted to pour a little bourbon in with the peaches I sure wouldn't blame you.

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Bourbon Peach Brown Sugar Ice Cream

Max Falkowitz

This recipe takes the flavors from peach cobbler and transforms them into ice cream. The base starts with a standard mixture of heavy cream and corn syrup, which we then flavor with peaches, dark brown sugar, and bourbon. If you want a double dose of cobbler, try a scoop of this on top of the previous recipe.

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Sweet Peach Frozen Daiquiri With White Pepper and Green Tea

Elana Lepkowski

This blender cocktail is a far cry from the cloyingly sweet monstrosity you might think of when you hear the phrase "frozen daiquiri." We take the spring break drink and give it a more sophisticated twist by sweetening good white rum with ripe peaches and a simple syrup made with white pepper and green tea.

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Peach and Tequila Frozen Blended Cocktail

Elana Lepkowski

Another surprisingly complex frozen drink, this tequila cocktail is made with peaches, pineapple, and a French aperitif called Suze. The electric-yellow spirit is floral and citrusy, but also has enough gentian root bitterness to balance out the sweet fruit. Fresh mint gives the drink a grassy freshness that brings everything together.

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Peachy Rum and Coconut Frozen Blended Cocktail

Elana Lepkowski

Coconut cream has been the start of many an unfortunate cocktail, but here we use just a couple ounces and balance it with dark rum and a generous eight dashes of Angostura bitters to make a cocktail with a pleasant tropical note, rather than one that tastes like sunscreen. A dusting of cinnamon on top brings out the spice of the rum and bitters.

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Sparkling Rosé Sangria With Aperol and Peaches

Vicky Wasik

Rosé has been the summer wine for several years now, so it's only right to use it as the base of a refreshing sangria. This recipe is inspired by the Aperol spritz, another summer favorite, so we spike the wine with Aperol and a vanilla sugar syrup. We also add a couple diced peaches, plus a cup of sparkling water to give the sangria a slight fizz.

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Suns 'n Roses (Rum and Stone Fruit Punch)

Vicky Wasik

This rich, subtly sweet cocktail is made with a balanced mixture of aged rum, white tea, lemon juice, and a stone fruit syrup. The syrup gets tons of flavor from both dried apricots and fresh peaches, as well as a little vanilla to complement the oaky rum.

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Tomato Gin Cobbler With Peaches and Basil

Autumn Giles

When I said there are two kinds of cobbler, I lied—there's a third, but it's not dessert. "Cobbler" can also refer to a cocktail made with a spirit, sugar, and fresh fruit. In this case the spirit is gin, which we infuse with beefsteak tomato and muddle with peaches, basil, and sugar.

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Peach-Thyme Lemonade

Dave Katz

If you're looking for something non-alcoholic, give this fruity lemonade a try. We flavor it with a peach purée, which has the added benefit of making the lemonade thick and frothy. We muddle a bunch of thyme in the bottom of the pitcher, then use a little more as a garnish.

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