Gallery: Drink Your Daily Peach: 6 Delicious Stone Fruit Cocktail Recipes

  • Peach Julep

    Peach Julep

    A mountain of crushed ice is just the ticket for a super-refreshing drink and and this peachy play on the mint julep follows through. The recipe, from Eastern Standard in Boston, uses toasty cognac and rooibos tea to warm up the flavor of muddled peaches. A splash of Lillet Blanc lengthens the cocktail and adds a hint of citrus and herbs.

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    Navy Fizz

    I’m a gin lover, so I’m all for amping up the herbal qualities of a good London Dry. Rosemary works perfectly, emphasizing the pine flavors of the gin in this nectarine cocktail recipe from Back Forty in NYC. The cocktail is served in a highball glass with fresh lemon and a touch of Campari.

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    Captain Anne Bonnie

    The full flavor of a ripe nectarine is intensified with Combier’s peche liqueur in this cocktail from Back Forty West in New York. Bitter Cynar and lime help balance out the drink’s sweetness.

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    Peach Caipirinha

    There’s nothing complicated about this tasty spin on the Caipirinha. It’s just peaches and lime, sugar and cachaça, muddled, shaken, and poured unstrained into a big glass. Be careful, you could easily get hammered since there’s a good dose of cachaça in each drink. Serve these at a barbecue with grilled fish tacos, chips, and guacamole. And do note: good peaches make a big difference in flavor here, so get yours from a farmers’ market and make sure they’re ripe before using.

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    Monkey See Monkey Do

    Vividly peachy, sweet, and perfectly pink, this cocktail from Matthew Biancaniello of the Library Bar in Los Angeles captures the flavor of peach by enhancing its floral qualities with St. Germain elderflower liqueur and Hendrick’s gin, which includes roses and cucumber in the mix.

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    Get a good plum or pluot for this easy mojito variation—the more flavorful and tangy, the better. Fresh mint, fresh lime, white rum, and a lotta shakin’ is all that you need once you’ve got the stone fruit ready.

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