Drink Your Daily Peach: 6 Delicious Stone Fruit Cocktail Recipes

Peach Julep

A mountain of crushed ice is just the ticket for a super-refreshing drink and and this peachy play on the mint julep follows through. The recipe, from Eastern Standard in Boston, uses toasty cognac and rooibos tea to warm up the flavor of muddled peaches. A splash of Lillet Blanc lengthens the cocktail and adds a hint of citrus and herbs.

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Wes Rowe

It's hard to pick a stone fruit favorite. A perfect peach is so vividly flavored it needs no adornment. Though my loyalty might lie with a ripe nectarine, with its nearly fudgy texture and sweet-tangy flavor (and none of that fuzz.) And this year, I've also been really impressed by the plums and pluots at my local market: floral, vanilla-tinged and sweet. So I've been eating my fill, and baking up cobblers aplenty.

Ripe peach makes for a delicious caipirinha.

But why wait for dessert to get your stone fruit fix? We asked a few bartender friends from around the country for cocktail recipes that capture the fresh, ripe, uncooked flavor of peaches, nectarines, and plums. After testing them all, we selected six favorites to help you celebrate stone fruit while it's still in season. Find out about each drink and get the recipe in the slideshow »

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Peach Julep
Navy Fizz
Captain Anne Bonnie
Monkey See Monkey Do
Peach Caipirinha

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