Papa John's LeBron James 'Crybaby' Shirt Controversy Means Cheap Pizza for Clevelanders


The news: Some Cleveland Cavaliers fans are boycotting Papa John's because of a T-shirt circulated at the Cavs-Washington Wizards game on Friday night.

Behind the news: The shirt had the word "crybaby" emblazoned above James's number, 23, and was distributed by a local Papa John's as a way to help fans distract James during Friday's game. "Crybaby" was a reference to James's waterworks and whining over being fouled excessively hard in a previous game.

The shirt nonsense didn't get much play until John Eick from the blog So Good posted about it and had Cleveland fans rallying against the chain. Papa John's issued an apology, will donate $10k to the Cavaliers Youth Fund, and is offering Clevelanders large one-topping pizzas for 23¢ (one per order, pick-up only) on May 8. After the jump, a news report on the debacle.

Link: Papa John's "Crybaby" T-Shirt Story [YouTube]


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