For a Light Summer Dinner, Try Pan-Fried Whitefish With Corn, Avocado, and Basil Relish

Pan-fried whitefish with a tangy corn, tomato, and avocado relish. . Jennifer Olvera

Bathing suit season. Heat. A desire for quick, easy, and light meals so you can head back outdoors without being in a food coma. In short: fish.

For this recipe, I chose whitefish because it's pretty much a blank canvas, which makes it easy to pair with all sorts of flavors. Here, I just season it with salt and pepper and then pan-fry it with a little melted butter and olive oil. It's a no-fuss method that fits perfectly with our goals.

The relish, meanwhile, is made from a blend of freshly shucked sweet corn, red onion, avocado, tomatoes, and basil, then tossed in a bright lime-basil vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is bracing—intentionally so: You want that pop of flavor, so don't hold back on the lime juice.

The dish is full of flavor and color, texture and tang. Plus, not only is the fish quick to cook, but the relish can be prepared in advance, making it a great option for a relaxed weekend or weeknight meal. And if you can't find whitefish, feel free to substitute any other light, white-fleshed fish. Just make sure the skin is intact on one side, as this helps hold the fillet together while it cooks.

Note: In the event you have leftover relish, serve it with tortilla chips.