The Best Prime Deals on Cooking and Kitchen Equipment

We're right here sorting through the best Prime Day sales for your kitchen.

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By now, we imagine that you're all seasoned Prime Day experts. But for those who haven't experienced the mad-house shopping extravaganza, here's the deal: For two days every year—this year, July 15th and 16th—Amazon slashes prices on some of its most popular items. And when we say most popular items, we mean thousands and thousands of products. Good news is that we can help you sort through the clutter right here. Below you'll find only the best, most useful Prime Day deals toward our favorite cookware, equipment, tools, and utensils.

Amazon will be releasing deals throughout the day, so check back often to see what's new. Better yet, keep this page bookmarked. Happy shopping!

16% Off the OXO Poultry Shears

A spatchcocked chicken makes for a quick, easy, and flavorful dinner, but it's tough to get out that backbone without a sharp pair of poultry shears. In our review of the best poultry shears, this OXO pair beat out the competition, easily slicing through bone and slippery fat. Better yet, the take-apart hinge makes it simple to clean out those tough-to-reach nooks where raw chicken could be lurking.

Click here to get the OXO Poultry Shears for $20.

40% Off the KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment

If you want to make great pasta at home, you need the right tools. Sure, you could use a hand-crank and roll out pasta like nonna did back in the day—or you could make things easier for yourself and get a roller attachment for your KitchenAid. What keeps most people from buying these rollers is that they’re pretty expensive. Today, you can get one for 40% off. As a note: This isn’t a cutter. It’s just the roller, so you’ll need to cut your pasta by hand or use it to make ravioli (which is nothing to be upset about!).

Another thing: Attachments labeled “KSMPSA” are made completely from metal, whereas ones labeled “KPRA” are made with metal and plastic. KPRA models may be less expensive, but we recommend getting the metal ones because they’re less likely to break over time. (There are several KPRA models on sale today, but we’re keeping an eye out for the good ones.)

Click here to get the KitchenAid pasta roller attachment for $59.95.

47% Off the Aerogarden

If you want to try your hand at gardening but don’t have any outdoor space, an Aerogarden is a great solution. This little machine has a hydroponics system that makes growing fresh herbs in your home or apartment simple. Plop in the seed pods, add water, and follow the prompts for when it’s time to add more water or nutrients. The lights are set to a timer, so all you need to do is wait for bushels of basil, thyme, mint, and more to sprout. While Aerogardens can be a bit expensive, today the classic version is $79. We see pesto in your future.

Click here to get the Aerogarden for $79.

58% Off Terra-Cotta Cazuelas from La Tienda

We often look to La Tienda for specialty foods and gifts from Spain. Their terra-cotta cazuelas, which come in a variety of sizes, are great for cooking and serving. Pick up a set of the small ones for a tapas party or grab a few larger ones for a big batch of Sasha’s Spanish-Style Migas.

Get four Terra Cotta Cazuelas for $13.95.

50% Off the Instant Pot DUO

The Prime Day darling from 2018 is back and very much on sale. Today, you can get the Instant Pot (our favorite affordable multicooker) for just $49.99. Once your new toy arrives, peruse our many pressure cooker recipes for all sorts of inspiration.

Click here to get the 6-quart Instant Pot DUO for $49.99.

30% Off Meats from D’Artagnan

If your kitchen is already full of equipment, why not work on your fridge and freezer? Today you can get 30% off meat from D’Artagnan. That covers everything from duck breast to buffalo burger patties and veal chops.

Click here for 30% off meats at D’Artagnan.

35% and an Extra $18 Off the Three-Quart All-Clad Sauce Pot

All-Clad is notoriously expensive, but for good reason. It’s pots and pans are versatile and built to last. While cookware set sales have come and gone today, you can still pick up 35% off a three-quart sauce pot, plus an $18 off coupon at checkout. That makes for a great kitchen upgrade or wedding gift.

Get the three-quart All-Clad sauce pot for $102.

Up to 40% Off Cleaning Products From Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, and More

Want to really cook like a pro? One of the most basic ways to do it is to keep your kitchen work space clean. Today you can stock up on a whole bunch of name-brand cleaning products, including Method and Mrs. Meyer’s, for up to 40% off.

Click here to get up to 40% off tons of household cleaning products.

28% the Breville Fast Slow Pro

If you're looking for an Instant Pot upgrade, pick up this Breville multicooker, referred to by our team as the "Cadillac of multi-cookers." This is a high-performance countertop pressure cooker that has 1,100 watts of power and offers manual control over pressure and timing. There are also plenty of presets for rice, beans, and the like. What's more, it offers automatic pressure adjustment if you're cooking at higher altitudes. Perfect for you shoppers who live up high.

Click here to get the Breville Fast Slow Pro for $179.95.

44% Off a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Set

There's so much you can do with a cast iron pan. We use ours all the time for both sweet and savory recipes, from pan-roasted chicken to skillet chocolate cake. Amazon just recently launched a new cookware set from Lodge, including a 10-inch pan, an 8-inch pan, and a griddle, not to mention all the silicone covers you need to keep your hands safe. Today, you can get the whole set for just about $48.

Click here to get the Lodge set for $48.

44% Off the 10-Inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

If you don’t need a full set of cast iron cookware, or perhaps you’re new to the world of cast iron, pick up this 10-inch model from Lodge. At just $15, it’s a great starter pan—and if you follow our directions to seasoning it, you’ll be in good shape.

Click here to get the 10-inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet for $15.

30% Off the ChefSteps Joule

Another of our favorite sous vide devices is on sale today: The stainless steel ChefSteps Joule is down to $139, from $199, and the all-white model is even cheaper at $125. These sleek little circulators are especially handy if you’re living in a small city apartment—they’ll fit right in your kitchen drawer.

Click here to get the ChefSteps Joule for $125.

31% Off the Instant Pot Immersion Circulator

We’ve long been loyal Joule and Anova users, but when we reviewed the best immersion circulators on the market, we discovered a new and more affordable circulator by Instant Pot that held its own against the competition. While the machine itself is pretty barebones, and doesn’t have any WiFi or Bluetooth functionality, it performs the essential task of an immersion circulator—heating and circulating water at a precise temperature—very well. Today, you can get the already affordable machine for an extra 31% off.

Click here to get 31% off the Instant Pot Immersion Circulator.

25% Off the ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

You've probably gotten the message by now, but we love our instant-read thermometers. Today you can get our favorite, the ThermoWorks Thermapen, for 25% off. You might be thinking, “Hey, this isn’t an Amazon deal!", and that's true—but as long as you're out there shopping anyway, why not take advantage?

Click here to get the Thermapen Instant-Read Thermometer for $74.

15% Off the Joyce Chen Wok

A good wok is more versatile than you may think. Sure, it’s great for stir-fries, but you can also use it for deep-frying, steaming, and indoor smoking. We frequently use our Joyce Chen wok for all sorts of recipes—and now, with this simple primer on seasoning your wok, owning (and maintaining) one is even easier.

Click here to get the Joyce Chen wok for $33.99.

20% Off the Rubbermaid In-Oven Thermometer

A reliable thermometer that accurately gauges the temperature inside your oven will help you avoid all sorts of frustrating baking outcomes, like burnt cookies and mealy pastry, right from the start. This Rubbermaid oven thermometer is our culinary team’s preferred tool to keep ovens honest. And, at just over $5, that honesty comes pretty cheap.

Click here to get the the Rubbermaid In-Oven Thermometer for $5.

Get $15 Off Your First Order on AmazonFresh

Too busy scouring Prime Day deals to run out for groceries? Luckily, you can order everything you need through AmazonFresh, and if it's your first order, you can save $15 on any purchase over $35 using promo code FRESH15. In case you need some inspiration, Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, LaCroix, and tons of berries are on this writer's shopping list.

Click here to save $15 on your first grocery order with AmazonFresh.

$10 Off the Baking Steel

Ever since the Baking Steel launched, we’ve been big fans of its ability to conduct and retain heat, which makes it a cinch to put out pizzas with nice charred bottoms and beautiful hole structures. If you’ve been making pizza with a stone, now is the time to up the ante.

Click here to get the Baking Steel for $79.

33% Off the Presto Electric Griddle

Flipping pancakes on an electric griddle.

This is Stella’s favorite griddle. (Do we really need to say any more than that?) Better yet, in our review of the best electric griddles, it won top marks as the best and most affordable one on the market. This lightweight model by Presto comes with fully detachable handles for easy cleaning and storing, and its nonstick surface has a textured crosshatch pattern that helps keep pancakes from sliding around and eluding your spatula when you’re trying to flip them. Today, it’s an extra 33% off.

Click here to get the Presto Electric Griddle for $33.

21% Off OXO Pop Containers

We've long trusted OXO for kitchen storage solutions, like these containers, which offer an air-tight seal for dry goods. While they're normally quite expensive, today, you can save on the four-quart container. Time to stock up!

Click here to get the four-quart OXO Pop Container for $12.

42% Off the Chef’n Citrus Juicer

In our review of the best citrus juicers and reamers, the Chef’n juicer was one of our top three picks, quickly and easily wringing all the juice out of lemons and limes. It has just a small cluster of drainage holes in the cup, making it simple to direct fresh juice right into a glass come happy hour.

Click here to get the Chef’n Citrus Juicer for $10.

An Extra $22 Off the SodaStream Jet

If you’ve been waiting on a good deal to pick up a SodaStream, now’s the time. With an extra $22 off at checkout, you can get this model for just over $50, allowing you to enjoy ice-cold sparkling water all year long (without having to lug home box after box of LaCroix).

Click here to get the SodaStream Jet for $51.

Note: These deals are subject to change and availability. We'll be updating this post throughout the week. Keep checking back for more!